Warranty & Service Support

Warranty & Service Support

Warranty & Service

Your warranty is provided by the original pump manufacturer and/or by the engine manufacturer that is coupled to the pump. Your first step in remedying any product concerns begins by contacting your corresponding manufacturers' warranty and service support department (see below for contact information). 

If your product needs support and service while it is still under warranty, following customary and reasonable pre-warranty trouble shooting, you may be advised by the manufacturer to take the unit to one of their authorized service centers in your area, who will repair the product based upon the terms and conditions of your specific equipment warranty.  Warranty service will require specific, likely written, authorization from the manufacturer.  Please see the terms and conditions of your warranty prior to seeking support to best understand what is and is not covered and how their warranty is administered.   

We differentiate ourselves by offering a level of customer service and advocacy through this process, when necessary, that you will not find with your large "big-box" retailers or equipment dealers, where the divide between offering and honoring a warranty may be large and ripe with frustration as is typically the case with large corporate giants without a vested interest in the individual customer's best interest.  We have built our business on serving the best interest of the individual customer and expect the same individualized level of service when it comes time to spend our hard earned money.  

 Again, your warranty is not administered or funded by Absolute Water Pumps though we stand by to support you through the process if need be.

Technical & Trouble Shooting Support

Have a technical and/or trouble shooting question about your pump?  Having trouble with your pump?  Beyond calling Absolute Water Pumps, we would strongly suggest reaching out to the manufacturer directly.  Below are direct lines to our manufacturers' well equipped and pump savy technicians who are ready, willing, and able to help.  The same folks who design, engineer, build, and warranty your pumps are likely the most equipped to efficiently and effectively answer your questions and quickly get you on your way towards proper operation or repair.  As much as we enjoy talking to you, we would recommend making this your first call towards remedy.   



Absolute Water Pumps operates much in the same way as your local hardware store or "big-box" retailer when it comes to the practical matters of warranty support, service, and parts.  If you have a problem with your product, the home improvement centers or local hardware stores do not (locally) stock parts for you.  They will simply refer you to a manufacturer or commercial parts supplier to source your part.  Absolute Water Pumps works exactly the same way.  

Many of our customers visit SearsPartsDirect.com to source their replacement parts.  Visit SearsPartsDirect.com 

You can also visit the below manufacturers directly to order the part you need immediately.  Often times you will be receiving the same price from the manufacturer that we would pay if you requested we source the part for you!

Warranty: 888-346-1981

Support: 888-346-1981

Parts: 888-346-1981

Fax: 888-831-2701

Email: [email protected]

All Power

Warranty: 888- 896-6881

Support: 888- 896-6881

Parts: 888- 896-6881

Fax: 626-810-2392



Warranty: 626-939-9188

Support: 626-939-9188

Parts: 626-939-9188

Fax: 626-939-9288

Email: [email protected]


Warranty: 610-948-3800

Support: 610-948-3800

Parts: 610-948-3800

Fax: 610-948-5300 



Warranty: 800-553-5455

Support: 800-553-5455

Parts: 800-553-5455




Warranty: 765-362-7367

Support: 765-362-7367

Parts: 765-362-7367




Warranty: 877-338-0999

Support: 877-338-0999

Parts: 877-338-0999




Warranty: 800-629-3325 x-208

Support: 800-629-3325 x-208

Parts: 800-629-3325 x-208


Warranty:  610-948-3800

Support:  610-948-3800

Parts:  610-948-3800


Master Quality Products

Warranty:  888- 896-6881

Support:  888- 896-6881

Parts:  888- 896-6881

Fax(626) 810-2392


Warranty:  800-421-1244 x-279

Support:  800-478-1244

Parts:  800-427-1244



Warranty:  800-270-0810

Support:  800-270-0810

Parts:  800-270-0810




Warranty:  866-443-2576

Support:  866-443-2576

Parts:  866-443-2576




Warranty:  888-287-6981

Support:  888-287-6981

Parts:  888-287-6981




Warranty:  800-277-6246

Support:  800-277-6246

Parts:  800-277-6246

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