Door To Door Service - Water Pump Delivery

Door To Door Service - Water Pump Delivery

Door To Door Service

Door to Door Service comes standard with packages less than 150 lbs.

For shipments greater than 150 lbs., we provide the following options to add "Door to Door" service for the following fees for which we are charged by our freight carriers:

  • 150 – 224 lbs.                           $125
  • 225 lbs.-499 lbs.                       $150
  • 500 lbs.-1000 lbs.                     Requires quote

Equipment weighing more than 150 lbs are delivered by a semi-truck. Semi-trucks are designed to unload at loading docks and freight terminals and are not typically equipped to deliver products at ground level nor are the drivers required to “dolly” your equipment from the truck to your building.  You will not need door to door service if you have a forklift, freight terminal, and/or loading dock.

However, if you are a residential customer you will likely need at least lift gate service  or full “door to door” service in the event you are without assistance from 2-4 strong, willing, and able-bodied people at the time of delivery to help unload the equipment and “dolly” it to your location.

 “Door to Door” service includes both:

  • Lift Gate Service: Lift gates come on specific trucks equipped with a hydraulic lift to safely lower your equipment from the truck deck, approximately four (4) feet in the air, to the ground (curbside). 
  • Delivery From Curbside To Your House Or Building

The fee is assessed to our company by the carriers that is then passed onto you is due in large part to the coordination required to make sure your delivery truck is equipped with the lift gate, dolly, or other required equipment as much as it is the simple act of lowering the piece of equipment down from the deck using the lift gate mechanism and wheeling to your location. 

Door to door service is a great choice if you do not have the equipment or manpower to unload and move your equipment from the curbside.  The following additional terms apply to “Door To Door” service:

A) When requested and the freight carrier's operating conditions permit, the carrier may move shipments or portions of shipments from or to positions beyond the immediately adjacent loading or unloading positions.

B) Service under this item will be provided to floors above or below the level accessible to carrier's vehicle only when elevator or escalator service (lift gate) is available and labor, when necessary to operate same, is provided without cost to the carrier.

C) Service provided under this item will be assessed as indicated above and/or subject to a minimum charge of $125.00 per shipment.  When shipments are accorded split pickup, split delivery or stopped in transit for loading or unloading, the minimum charges will apply to each stop separately wherever the service is performed.

D) The seller and freight carrier will have no liability or responsibility for damages or injury to persons or property resulting from “Door To Door” delivery services performed by carrier.

E) Customers requesting that seller and freight carrier perform “Door To Door” services will indemnify, protect, save and hold harmless the seller and freight carrier from any claims, liabilities, losses, damages, cost and expenses, of any kind imposed upon, incurred by or asserted against the seller or freight carrier, arising from, connected with or resulting from the “Door To Door” services.

Seller = Absolute Water Pumps

Freight Carrier = LTL Transporter Of Equipment