Backordered Product

Backordered Product

Backordered Product Policy & Protocol

In the event you kindly placed an order for a product presently listed as backordered or advised, pre or post order placement, as being a backordered product, standard procedure remains for Absolute Water Pumps to charge the customer's credit card, PayPal account, and/or accept and deposit the customer's cashiers check upon original order initiation.  Because backordered products often ship direct from the manufacturers’ warehouses in an effort towards timely order delivery, Absolute Water Pumps is limited to indirect authority over this “delayed” fulfillment process.  Unfortunate intentional or unintentional changes in status and legitimacy of your credit card information provided to us by you at the time of order initiation, even subject to inadvertent change prior to actual order fulfillment, forces Absolute Water Pumps to process your payment at initial order initiation eliminating:

    1. Unfortunate delays in receipt of your product by you until proper information can be provided by you to us because of unintentional change of payment information.
    2. Intentional attempts at fraudulent receipt of products by providing false payment information.
    3. Collecting and handling of your sensitive financial information through a delayed date of order fulfillment and shipment.  As a matter of strict internal controls to limit impressions or realities of fraud, we make every effort to not, at any point, be in possession of your sensitive financial information.   

Items 1 and 2 provide extremely costly and frustrating postponements, cancellations, rerouting, and in some cases unfortunate fraudulent receipt of shipments due to provision of, intentional or unintentional, false payment information.  This backorder protocol is an attempt at being fair and reasonable and has provided us the opportunity to limit unnecessary and excessive costs of doing business that ultimately result in lower priced products for our customers.  We appreciate your patience and understanding with any backorder you kindly place with our company. 

While You Wait...

While you patiently standby during the backorder as we proceed towards order fulfillment, you can reference the specific product’s page for the (estimated) expected shipment date of your product leaving the warehouse.  Backorder and pre-order fulfillment dates are subject to change and are updated as the information is provided to Absolute Water Pumps from the manufacturers.  We make every effort to maintain our website's reporting of such dates for the customer's review.  Though Absolute Water Pumps has no formal control over manufacturer direct backorder shipment dates, we apologize for this inconvenient delay for you. 

In the event that initiating a backorder was not your intention, you have a couple options:

    1. Review other comparable units at on our website for purchase in place of your current order.  If you choose to modify your order to an available unit, please make the purchase, advise us immediately to refund your original order, and we will gladly proceed as such.  
    2. Provided your order has not already shipped, we can cancel and refund your order in full following a brief period of order cancellation confirmation communication with the manufacturer.  Simply email us with a request for cancellation and we will proceed as such.  With this option, you can also request to be notified upon inventory availability so as to place a new order at that time for the same unit.
      • Anticipate a minimum of four (4) business days for your credit card company to post the credit. 
      • Anticipate a minimum of five (5) business days for returned cashiers check payments.
    3. Unless otherwise advised by you in a written email reply indicating either of the above two options prior to shipment, we will maintain your present order (requiring no post-order response from you).  For your patronage and gracious patience, for which we a grateful, we are prepared to continue diligently advocating on your behalf with the manufacturer to fulfill your order as soon as possible and will advise freight and tracking information as it is made available to us.