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CARB Compliance - Absolute Water Pumps & Accessories

CARB Compliance

CARB Compliance and Water Pumps  

What is CARB? CARB refers to California’s environmental protection agency, the California Air Resources Board, which focuses on the emissions that are associated with small power equipment engines, like thosed used in water pumps, generators, etc.  CARB compliant products have engines that meet more stringent CARB air quality standards. While CARB Compliant models run cleaner than non-compliant models, they still emit some pollutants.  Currently, California residents are not permitted to buy and take shipment of non-CARB compliant models. 

CARB handles many tasks, though its major function is the collection of data on the varied sources of air pollution in the United States. The reason behind this data collection is to determine the best method of reducing air pollution.

A great deal of scientific information is presented to the board, who then has the arduous task of not only collecting, but evaluating the information.  From this, the board can make significant determinations on how greenhouse gases can be reduced and the air in the United States, and the world for that matter, can be made cleaner and safer.

What happens to all this information when it is compiled by the various agencies tasked with dealing with air pollution? The info ends up in the files of the California Emission Inventory Development and Reporting System (CEIDARS) where the data serves a vital purpose: to create an inventory of emissions and pollutants which yields a valuable resource to create an air pollution control program.

There are quite a few noxious emissions that CARB monitors, including:

  • Various organic gases 
  • Nitrogen oxides   
  • Sulfuric oxides   
  • Carbon monoxide    
  • Particulate matter

A CARB report will compile information on all these pollutants which allows researchers to clearly examine the origins of most air pollution.

After CARB determines which of these pollutants are more harmful than others, consumer products can be evaluated based on their ability to be compliant with CARB standards. This is why you see tags for 'CARB compliance' in the market.

A piece of equipment that is dubbed 'CARB Compliant' will automatically be considered among the safest for the environment. Such equipment emits lower levels of harmful carbon dioxide and are not as prone to delivering a negative environmental impact.

CARB has established scores of strict regulations on air pollution rules and many equipment manufacturers are doing their best to meet such standards. If you wish to acquire a piece of equipment that does effectively meet these standards, look for one that boasts the fact that it is CARB compliant.

Remember, if you are a California resident where CARB is required of all small engine driven equipment, confirm that your selected model is CARB certified before you buy.  We closely monitor transactions with California shipping addresses, and are prevented from fulfilling such orders with non-CARB compliant machines.