Newest Products - Absolute Water Pumps & Accessories

Newest Products - Absolute Water Pumps & Accessories

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Absolute Water Pumps Sells Multiquip Automatic Priming Pumps.  

 Are you faced with a challenging:     

  • Dewatering Project
  • Caufferdam
  • General Construction Project
  • Bridge Over A Waterway
  • Sewer By-Pass
  • Waterway Diversion
  • Aggegate and Mining Operation
  • Water Treatment Plant Operation
  • Emergency Response & Preparedness
  • Flood
  • City, County, State, Federal, & Military Applications
  • Other industrial Application 

Mulitquip Automatic Priming Pumps provide you a highly suffisticated pump that give great assurance when failure is not the option.  You can look forward to:

  • The ActivPrime Open Frame design is perfect for standard jobsite applications and comes in skid-mounted or trailer-mounted configurations
  • ActivPrime "Silent Canopy" design provides operational volumes down to 66 db(A) at 23 ft.
  • Automatic priming design utilizes an engine and gear driven compressor
  • Skid-mounted or trailer-mounted (DOT Certified) configurations are available.
  • John Deere diesel engines that meet Tier 4 interim requirements provide robustly reliable engine performance.
  • All ActivPrime pumps are equipped with Bauer style cam-lock hose fittings.
  • And more!

 The Multiquip ActivPrime Automatic priming pump series is the industry standard when taking on the most demadning of high volume water handling projects and events.  Click here to begin shopping.